Precium is a user-programmable electron-beam gun sweep. Instead of using manufacturer-determined sweep patterns, Precium allows end users to program, store, modify, and run individual sweep patterns to compensate for variabilities in individual electron beam guns. Each pattern is composed of "steps"; each step defines the X-Y coordinate of electron beam gun target and the duration, or the "dwelling" time. Users may program up to 100 steps for each pattern. Users may also define the maximum ranges for the X and Y coordinates to compensate for variations of the individual electron beam guns. Precium also contains a RS-232 serial port to connect to an IBM compatible PC running Windows 98 or 2000. This allows transferring of user-programmed patterns between a PC and a Precium for greater flexibility in storing, designing, and automation. A sweep pattern can now be designed on a PC and transferred to one or more Preciums for better automation. Or, a sweep pattern can be experimented on one Precium, downloaded and fine-tuned on a PC, and re-uploaded to the original or other Preciums for higher productivity. Precium's interface with PC also allows sweep patterns to be stored on disks for future references.


  • Up to 120 patterns may be programmed and stored in Precium.
  • On-board Non-Volatile RAM (NVRAM) retains programmed patterns even when the power is turned off.
  • Can switch between pre-programmed patterns on-the-fly while the electron beam gun is running.
  • Allows PLC input to start running or switching patterns. This enables users to integrate Precium into an automated system.
  • RS-232 serial connection with an IBM-compatible PC running Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Vista
  • RS-232 serial to USB adapter with driver available.
  • PSLink, a sweep pattern design and interface software for Windows 98/2000 is included.
  • Handheld Remote Control incuded.
Features Standard Sweep Precium
Type Analog Microcontroller
Pattern Numbers N/A 120 Patterns
Steps per Pattern N/A 100 Steps
PC Communication Software N/A PSLink
Can be controlled by using Control Software on PC (e.g. LabView) NO YES
Remote Control Dials with Joystick

4 Pattern

4 Pattern with joystick

Precium Handheld Remote
Input Voltage 120/208/230 Volts
Maximum Output Voltage (for coil impedance >10Ω) � 15 Volts each axis
Maximum Output Current (for coil impedance <10Ω) � 1.5 Amps each axis

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