Standard Sweep


Standard Sweep


The Original Niles Electronics Electron Beam Gun Sweep


  • 1.5 Amps Maximum Output Current into a Load with Impedance not to Exceed 10 Ohms
  • 15 V Peak Output Voltage into Coils with Impedance Greater than 10 Ohms
  • Frequency Range: 5 to 100 Hz (1 to 20 Hz upon Request)
  • Wave Forms: Saw-Tooth, Sinusoidal, Circle or Spiral Modulated and Phase-locked
  • Optional Remote Control Units
Features Standard Sweep Precium
Type Analog Microcontroller
Pattern Numbers N/A 120 Patterns
Steps per Pattern N/A 100 Steps
PC Communication Software N/A PSLink
Can be controlled by using Control Software on PC (e.g. LabView) NO YES
Remote Control Dials with Joystick

4 Pattern

4 Pattern with joystick

Precium Handheld Remote
Input Voltage 120/208/230 Volts
Maximum Output Voltage (for coil impedance >10Ω) � 15 Volts each axis
Maximum Output Current (for coil impedance <10Ω) � 1.5 Amps each axis

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